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Posted by PA Distance Learning on 5/22/20 8:43 AM

Summer Camps

PA Distance is offering fun and educational virtual summer camps beginning this June for ALL Pennsylvania students in grades K-12. As many parents look out for ways to engage their children educationally over the summer, these camps will provide a world of learning opportunities, virtually!

French and Spanish teacher, Ms. Angela Berger, who is in charge of organizing the summer camps, is also leading the American Sign Language Camp. Ms. Berger, along with the rest of the PA Distance staff, is excited for the eighth summer of virtual camps.

“Our virtual summer camp program has been extremely popular in the past,” Ms. Berger noted. “Last year, we had over 100 kids attend.”

“We’ll have lots of hands-on activities and games,” Ms. Berger explained. “Students won’t just be listening to a computer screen, they’ll be active participants.”

Mrs. Darcy Bible, Math teacher, After School Program and Field Trip Coordinator is also helping out with the planning and organization of the summer camps. Alongside Ms. Berger, she is also leading a camp being offered this summer, titled Art Camp: DIY Arts Crafts at Home.

“I am so excited to offer a camp that focuses on cross-curricular lessons paired with DIY Arts and Crafts opportunities that can be done with basic materials most families will already have on hand around their homes,” Mrs. Bible explained.

Mrs. Bible will be catering her camp craft ideas for a variety of grade-levels and connecting them to various core school subjects from science and space to music and art.

“Students will be exploring a variety of topics including Chemistry and Mixtures, Astronomy and Space, Making Music, and Independence Day Patriotic Fun,” she explained. “Each topic will have two unique crafts that will turn the learning into a hands-on and meaningful experience!”

To read all about the six camps being offered and register for these exciting opportunities, visit this website:

NOTE: Non-PA Distance students will have to provide their own computer, with internet access, in order to attend our virtual summer camps. There is no limit to the number of camps in which a student registers and attends.

Registrations for all six camps will close Friday, June 5, 2020.

Contact PA Distance Summer Camp coordinators, Ms. Berger at or Mrs. Bible at with any questions.

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