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Top Time Management Tips for Students in Virtual Charter Schools

Posted by PA Distance Learning on 11/30/23 4:26 AM

Of all the skills needed for academic success, time management is definitely one of the most important. Even the strongest of students will struggle with school performance if they can’t effectively manage their time, especially in a virtual charter school environment. And with consequences like missed deadlines, unfinished tests, and poor grades, it’s important to be aware of the best time management tips for students so that you can support your child through their online schooling. 

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K-12 Challenges, Challenges Of Online Teaching

Posted by PA Distance Learning on 11/16/23 11:35 AM

Teaching is an incredibly rewarding - and, at times, incredibly challenging – vocation. But, the types of K-12 challenges and rewards you face as a virtual charter school teacher often differ from the challenges and rewards of teaching in a physical classroom. This is particularly true when it comes to things like student engagement, use of technology, and lesson flexibility. 

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What Is Online School Like? A Day in the Life of a Virtual Charter Student

Posted by PA Distance Learning on 11/3/23 9:12 AM

Moving from a traditional brick-and-mortar school to a cyber charter school model can be a big change, and with the myths and misconceptions floating around out there about online schooling, it’s understandable that students and parents alike are sometimes skeptical when they ask the question “What is online school like?” 

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Virtual Charter Schools and College Preparation: 5 Big Benefits

Posted by PA Distance Learning on 10/17/23 2:02 AM

If college is the plan, virtual charter schools are a great way to make it happen. Many online students go on to attend college, and the right virtual program goes a long way toward providing them with the academic and admissions guidance they need for the transition. In fact, college preparation is a core focus of top-rated online programs. And for some students, it’s even more helpful than traditional schooling for achieving long-term educational goals. 

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Asynchronous vs. Synchronous Learning in Virtual Schools: What’s the Difference?

Posted by PA Distance Learning on 10/4/23 9:42 AM

Just like in-person schools, virtual charter schools operate under different models based on the needs and preferences of their students. One example of this is the use of asynchronous vs. synchronous learning – two academic models with very different applications in the virtual setting. 

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Benefits of Online Education: How Virtual Charters Prepare Students for the Workforce

Posted by PA Distance Learning on 9/19/23 4:07 AM

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” It’s a simple question with endless answers. And it’s important that all students develop skills that will help them get there, regardless of what their future career looks like. This is where we start to really see the benefits of online education, with virtual charter schools providing students with tools for resilience, independence, and workforce readiness that set them up for success in a wide variety of fields and specialties.

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