STUDENT GUEST BLOG: How Cyber School Exceeded My Expectations

Posted by PA Distance Learning on 7/19/18 12:39 PM
Written by PA Distance student, Madison B.

When some students think of school, they think of waking up early, and enduring over seven hours of assignments and lectures that may end up feeling useless after all the distractions. But what if school didn't have to be like that?  

When I started cyber school, I never thought that it would be quite like it is.  Here are some things I didn't expect from cyber school:

I didn’t expect to have late classessuprisedface

When I went to my local school, I would be awake at 5:30 AM to catch the bus, but now the earliest I wake up is 8:10 AM to get to my homeroom. [Learn why]

I didn’t expect the homework 

When I had attended a brick and mortar school, the amount of homework that we were given was absurd - we’re talking about four worksheets, multiple chapters to read, and a project to work on. This took hours of work once I got home. When I started at PA Distance, at first I didn’t think they were assigning enough homework. As time went on, I knew that it was the perfect amount since it wasn’t overwhelming.

I certainly didn’t expect there to be an actual graduation

Being that most of the schooling is done over the computer, I was surprised being told that there would be an actual ceremony for graduation, with full cap and gown. [Check it out here]

Although we get together for field trips and standardized tests at various locations around PA, I was quite surprised to learn that graduation ceremonies will be part of my senior year.

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I didn't expect teachers to stay in touch outside of classes/school hours
Back in the days of brick and mortar school, if I was struggling with an assignment, I wouldn’t be able to contact my teacher until the next day.   At PA Distance, it seems like teachers are available to talk to no matter what time it is (within reason). This has helped me greatly to finish assignments, improve my grades, and keep on task.

I didn't expect grades to be so fair, and assignments so reasonable

I have learned along the way that the grades reflect the amount of effort that is put into the assignments.  Teachers also pick up on what the class needs and give a reasonable amount of homework, allowing us to earn fair grades.

"I have learned along the way that the grades reflect the amount of effort that is put into the assignments."

Even though it may not seem as intere
sting, or as social as traditional school to some, cyber school is definitely a better option for many students, and I believe that more students should give it a shot.


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