Strong Student-Teacher Relationships Help Students Flourish

Posted by PA Distance Learning on 1/15/20 8:00 AM

Our teachers are devoted to their students—and it shows. These teachers make themselves available to students and invest in each one. Our classrooms foster a safe, nurturing environment where students can grow. Throughout the year, our teachers become trusted resources and guides for the students. Our students often cite how their teachers believe in them, make them feel safe, and help them reach new heights.

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Get Involved in National School Choice Week 2020

Posted by PA Distance Learning on 1/14/20 7:00 AM


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Teacher Spotlight: English Teacher Mrs. Lauren Donofrio

Posted by PA Distance Learning on 1/13/20 7:00 AM


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Move Beyond Misconceptions

Posted by PA Distance Learning on 1/9/20 8:00 AM

Many individuals harbor misunderstandings about charter schools in general and cyber charter schools in particular. They assume that children are set in front of a computer with no engagement, oversight, or guidance. Nothing could be further from the truth for students of PA Distance Learning Charter School. Students engage with their fellow classmates and the teachers for a dynamic learning environment. Students are regularly sent resources, such as paintbrushes, novels, and keyboards to enhance learning activities. PA Distance Learning Charter School provides students with a rich educational experience.

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Teacher Spotlight: French & Spanish Teacher Ms. Angela Berger

Posted by PA Distance Learning on 1/5/20 9:03 PM

Ms. Angela Berger has been a foreign language teacher at PA Distance since November 2013. Specifically, she teaches Spanish to elementary students and French to high school students.

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5 Things You Didn’t Know Existed at PA Distance

Posted by David Pierce on 1/4/20 8:00 AM

There are plenty of myths or misconceptions about cyber schools. In fact, we have a whole post on it. However, one of the biggest misconceptions is that there is nothing for a student to do outside of their schoolwork. This couldn’t be further from the truth. 

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Teacher Spotlight: Music Teacher Mrs. Elisa Carpenter

Posted by PA Distance Learning on 12/30/19 8:00 AM

As early as she can remember, PA Distance music teacher, Mrs. Elisa Carpenter, had always wanted to be a teacher. Growing up, she had first-hand knowledge of what it was like working with children because her mother was (and still is) a special education teacher. This exposure, along with her organization skills and desire to help people, led her to pursue teaching as a profession.

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Who Benefits from School Choice? Meet Teagan & Brennan

Posted by PA Distance Learning on 12/26/19 8:00 AM

PA Distance provides the setting in which all students can reach their full potential. Teagan and Brennan's education thrives in the comfort and custom environment of home. PA Distance gives them the resources they need to grow academically and doesn’t allow their muscular dystrophy to impede or distract from their success.

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A Holiday Message to PA Distance Teachers from their Students

Posted by PA Distance Learning on 12/24/19 9:08 AM
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Competition Makes Us Stronger

Posted by PA Distance Learning on 12/17/19 7:00 AM

Throughout U.S. history, it’s been proven time and time again that when marketplaces grow, we all benefit. Competition encourages us to innovate, inspires us to grow, and enables everyone to reach greater heights. The same is true in education. School choice needs to be protected for families. Charter schools represent an opportunity for success in caring, structured environments. Upholding school choice protects the future for some of the most vulnerable children among us.

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