How Virtual School Parents Can Support Cyber School Student Success

Posted by PA Distance Learning on 2/23/24 12:58 AM

Virtual School Parents

According to the National Education Association, the issue of how to get parents involved in school is crucial to making sure students perform well academically. The NEA stands firmly with the proposition that the participation of parents and caregivers can make or break a child’s success in school. As a parent, you’ve taken on the responsibility of overseeing your child’s online education at home. In this article, we’ll take a look at how virtual school parents like you can ensure that your online learners receive the first-class education that their cyber school offers.  

A Step-By-Step Guide to Supporting Online Students

Supporting a child in cyber school requires a high level of commitment, as you’ll be taking on the roles of teacher support, student advocate, and home school administrator. 

Be Prepared

It’s important that cyber school parents make sure their students are prepared to tackle their online school workload. To prepare, you'll need to:

  • Establish a dedicated workspace. Your cyber school student needs a workspace where they can attend online classes and focus on schoolwork. The space should be comfortable, quiet, and away from distractions. 
  • Load up on school supplies. Just like traditional schools, cyber schools require students to come to class prepared to tackle classroom work. Your virtual school will provide a list of supplies. Be sure you stock up on everything your student will need. 
  • Set up systems. Your student will need a strong reliable internet connection and a computer with a built-in camera or camera attachment. 

Create a Routine and Stick to It

As a cyber school parent, it’s your job to establish a school routine for your child and help them stick to a regular schedule. Toward this end, it’s a good idea to structure your child’s day around school, just like you would do in a traditional learning setting. Consult the school’s online resources for the days and times of your child’s classes, whether live or online. While it’s important to make sure they attend their classes and additional learning sessions, it’s equally important to establish times throughout the day for breaks, meals, and exercise. Children in cyber school need to blow off steam and move their bodies just like kids in traditional school settings.  

Monitor Your Student Throughout the Day

Cyber school requires more than ensuring your child reports to their learning station on time each day. Depending on the child’s age, you may need to sit with them throughout the day (for younger kids) or check in on them periodically (for kids in higher grades). Your role is to be present so you can offer assistance and motivation whenever needed.

Take on Administrative Responsibilities

There are certain administrative actions that parents of kids in cyber school should expect to perform. These include taking attendance by ensuring your child is properly logged in, keeping track of breaks, and ensuring assignments are turned in on time. In addition, cyber school parents must report any absences and submit any necessary paperwork regarding attendance on time and in the style and format required by the school. 

Cheer Your Student On

Perhaps your most important role as a cyber school parent is to act as your child’s champion. Keep a watchful eye on your child to make sure they are managing stress well and are engaged with learning. Stay in close contact with your child’s teachers so you can jump in and help when needed. Teachers always want and need more parent involvement in online school settings, so don’t be afraid to check in with your child’s instructors on a regular basis. 

Partner with PA Distance Learning

PA Distance Learning Charter School is invested in helping all our cyber school parents support their children in their academic journey. With our school’s blend of teacher-led live learning and supportive activities, you can rest assured that your child will receive a personalized, top-tier education. 

To learn more about  PA Distance Learning’s strategies for academic success, contact us today. Ready to enroll? Begin with this form or by calling our enrollment team at 1-888-997-3352.

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