Who Benefits from School Choice? Meet Teagan & Brennan

Posted by PA Distance Learning on 12/26/19 8:00 AM

PA Distance provides the setting in which all students can reach their full potential. Teagan and Brennan's education thrives in the comfort and custom environment of home. PA Distance gives them the resources they need to grow academically and doesn’t allow their muscular dystrophy to impede or distract from their success.

Teagan and Brennan are exceptionally bright children. Their teachers and classmates count themselves lucky to have them in the online classroom! In a brick and mortar school, Teagan and Brennan would be stuck in their wheelchairs and wouldn’t have the freedom to move around. Teagan and Brennan's mother also has muscular dystrophy. She knew she wanted more for her children than what she experienced in conventional schools. She saw that utilizing a cyber charter school would enable her children to have as normal a childhood as possible. Without PA Distance, more time would be spent on logistics of moving through the day rather than in propelling Teagan and Brennan to grow academically. Here at PA Distance, they have no one to tell them they are different. They can work in their wheelchair, their stander, or simply on the floor.

We are grateful to have Teagan and Brennan a part of our school community!

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