A Higher Standard

Posted by PA Distance Learning on 11/8/19 12:30 PM

Did you know Pennsylvania’s Public Charter Schools are held to a higher level of accountability than all other Public Schools?

When many people hear about Cyber Charter Schools, their minds immediately go to potential pitfalls. They imagine students who play Minecraft all day and do not progress academically. These fears couldn’t be further from the truth. Not only does PA Distance Learning utilize innovative, principled instruction that engages students, but they are held accountable to guarantee that they are meeting key benchmarks—and are held accountable to higher standards than traditional schools across the commonwealth. In addition to the state and federal mandates that govern all Pennsylvania schools, all PA charter schools are also accountable to the PA Department of Education, the PA Department of Health, a Charter Authorizer, independent audits, the IRS, the Department of Treasury, special education monitoring, civil rights reporting, the Auditor General, and, perhaps most significantly, direct and transparent accountability to the individual students and families who have chosen to attend public charter schools. Schools exist to fuel student academic growth. These organizations provide oversight to ensure that they do.

Not only are these fears of ineffective instruction unfounded, they miss the foundational reality of PA Distance Learning: we are here to empower students to excel. Our team is made up of an outstanding group of educators. These professionals are uniquely qualified and deeply passionate about student success.

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