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Why We Exist:

Simply put, we exist to change lives for the better. We do this by unlocking the potential that lies within each one of our students so they can reach their personal best.

icon_bulb We believe the future belongs to the curious minds, so we encourage curiosity.

icon_Education We believe questions open the door to adventure, exploration, and discovery.


While the academics, or the courses taken, may be the same for all of our students, the learning experience can be personalized to each one. We see this Standard as our guide in how we approach the overall learning journey.

icon_Alphabet Personalized learning experiences.

icon_Family Supportive online community.

An Amazing You:

At PA Distance you can create. You can interact. You can engage. You can converse. You can explore. You can discover. We are a place where curiosity reigns. A place where academics and relationships forge a powerful bond that propels our students to reach new heights. We are more than the attainment of knowledge. We are also about helping our students become passionate about life. Think of us as a launching pad, helping you be that amazing, unique person you are. Explore the world of PA Distance and find your place.