When Should I Enroll my Son or Daughter in School?

Posted by David Pierce on 9/2/19 9:52 AM

The beginning of the school year can be an incredibly stressful time for parents of children of all ages. Whether your son or daughter is in kindergarten or a junior in high school, summer is usually packed to the brim with plans, summer camps, practices, games, vacations, etc. 

Enrolling your son or daughter in school is one of those activities that tends to get pushed until the last minute. Once the weather makes a turn for the better, school is the last thing on your son or daughter’s mind. They’re looking forward to summer and all that comes with it. 

So, the question is when should you enroll your son or daughter in school for next year? The answer depends on which school your considering. Most public schools begin enrollment for next year in March or April. PA Distance Learning Charter School is right in line with most public schools. Enrollment for the 2019-2020 school is already open

Whether you’re enrolling in a traditional brick and mortar school or an online charter school, there are many advantages to early enrollment. Here are just a few to consider:

  • Get it out of the way early and enjoy your summer
  • More time to adjust to your school and their staff
  • More time to prepare for the upcoming year

The most obvious reason why you’d want to enroll your son or daughter in school as early as March or April is to get it out of the way. It’s one last thing you have to worry about hanging over your head all summer long. If you start the enrollment process in March your son or daughter  will be enrolled well before their current school year even ends. This allows both you, and your child, to relax and enjoy the summer!

The next reason early enrollment is a great option is it gives you the opportunity to adjust to your new school and their staff. It maybe an adjustment from middle school to high school, district to district, or brick and mortar to a cyber charter school. If you enroll early then the staff will have more time to spend helping you and your child adjust than they would if you enroll last minute. 

Finally, early enrollment allows you more time to prepare. Once you’re student is enrolled you can then focus on preparation. If you enroll early you can make sure you ask any questions you have regarding the upcoming school year. For example, at PA Distance Learning, once you enroll your son or daughter we will then send out their Chromebook and supplies for the upcoming year.

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