Chief Academic Officer, Ms. Kelly Crooks, will Oversee the PA Distance Curriculum

Posted by PA Distance Learning on 6/28/21 8:06 AM
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11th-grader, Isabella Rios, Awarded PA Distance Financial Literacy Scholarship

Posted by PA Distance Learning on 6/21/21 9:50 AM

11th-grader, Isabella Rios, known to her friends and family as “Bella”, is thrilled to be the 2020-2021 recipient of the PA Distance Financial Literacy Scholarship. 

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Recent Graduate, Dakota Burik, Received the PA Distance Foundation Award

Posted by PA Distance Learning on 6/9/21 10:29 AM

Recent PA Distance graduate, Dakota Burik, was honored with the Foundation Award at this past weekend’s ceremony for being enrolled since kindergarten. Along with his fellow classmates, Adam Patelunas and Josh McDiffitt, Dakota was recognized for being a student at PA Distance for his entire K-12 education - a total of 13 years. If you ask a PA Distance teacher, counselor, or even student, everyone would say that they know Dakota. 

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What is the PA Distance Odyssey Fellowship Program?

Posted by PA Distance Learning on 6/4/21 7:00 AM

Here at PA Distance, we work to unlock the potential that lies within our students so that can reach their personal best. 

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Senior, Kylie Roupe, Hopes to Join the Medical Field

Posted by PA Distance Learning on 6/2/21 8:19 AM

Kylie Roupe, from Carmichaels, PA, enrolled at PA Distance when she was in 9th-grade and is closing out her high school career when she will graduate this coming Saturday. She plans to pursue college close to her hometown next year and has aspirations to join the medical field.

She looks back on her time at PA Distance and talks about how wonderful all of her teachers were, saying “They truly care about their students and their students' futures. They're always there to help if you need it and they're so understanding!”

“I always liked making our "Get to know each other" slides at the beginning of each year where everyone shares where they’re from, some of his/her favorite hobbies and some other information. We could also include a picture of ourselves if we wanted the students to see us.”

“Our teachers even did it, too,” she added. “It was great to get to know everyone.”

Kylie also looks back on her favorite classes while at PA Distance. While enrolled, she enjoyed Art, Psychology, Family and Consumer Science, Earth Science and Digital Photography the most.

“I love learning about space and different planets, and for Psychology I simply loved the class because it was interesting and my teacher, Ms. Petraglia, always made it fun. She's super understanding and kind.”

Kylie had a few parting words for future PA Distance students when it comes to getting their work done on time, saying, “If you are behind on assignments, always work on your assignments that are due the current school day first, and then worry about the late assignments. That way you don't fall behind even more on work.”

She says that, out of her entire experience at PA Distance, she will miss all of her teachers the most. 

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Graduating Senior, Faith Snelson, Plans to Become a Lawyer One Day

Posted by PA Distance Learning on 5/31/21 8:57 PM

Faith Snelson, from Bristol, PA, began at PA Distance when she was in 9th-grade after learning about it from her enrolled cousin. After being homeschooled prior to enrolling, Faith has benefited from having face-to-face interactions with her teachers and peers. 

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