Students Enjoy Being Creative in Adventure Academy Art Camp

Posted by PA Distance Learning on 9/6/21 7:33 PM

This summer, PA Distance offered 12 fun and educational virtual summer camps for students in grades K-12. PA Distance art teacher, Mrs. Julie Lawrence, extended her virtual camp and allowed students to enjoy the hands-on guided activities for longer throughout the summer.

During the Adventure Academy Art Camp, students discovered their love and appreciation for the outdoors. Whether they live in an urban, suburban, or rural community, students were able to create art based on observations of their living spaces and community. They experimented with new artmaking techniques through drawing, painting, and sculpture. Plus, they learned about environmental artists and how they create art using natural materials.

“After being quarantined and facing so many other restrictions during the past year, I wanted to go outside! When I was a kid, playing outside in the woods was a big part of my life,” Mrs. Lawrence said. “I wanted to encourage my students to capture some of the same outdoor experiences with an art-making spin.”

The crowd favorite summer project was called Branching Out to 3D. For thousands of years, humans made art out of materials in their environments. Students studied environmental artist Andy Goldworthy who made temporary installations in nature using materials only from his immediate environment. Mrs. Lawrence taught her students to create their own temporary environmental sculptures.  

“Students were captivated making their own art as well using materials from nature,” Mrs. Lawrence said. 

“Art camp lets us express creativity through art, and helps us improve our art skills,” one Adventure Academy Art Camp student said. “This art camp really boosted my confidence in my art, and improved my painting abilities.”

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