Student Spotlight: Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way

Posted by Olivia Porter on 7/3/18 1:23 PM

More often than not, students end up teaching their teachers beautiful things here at PA Distance Learning. One graduate the teachers will never forget is Will Werner.

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Student Spotlight: Cali the Conqueror

Posted by Olivia Porter on 6/26/18 12:36 PM
Cali is not your typical high schooler. She’s an amazing artist (check out her work below), but what makes her stand out is her positivity, her drive, and a family that brings out the best in her.
But last year, Cali got some  bad news. Life-changing news.


When Life Takes an Unexpected Turn

You have cancer.”
That’s the news Cali got her sophomore year of high school.
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Senior Spotlight: That's Just Ceecee

Posted by PA Distance Learning on 6/20/18 12:31 PM

Some of us bite off more than we can chew and regret it. Then there’s Ceecee.

She tends to take on more than most would attempt, and somehow manages to handle it. 

That’s just Ceecee, folks.



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PA Distance Voted As Top Cyber School In Family Favorite Awards

Posted by PA Distance Learning on 6/11/18 10:21 AM

Each year, Central Penn Parent Magazine shares reader votes for favorite places in almost 100 categories. These include shops and restaurants, doctors and dentists, and more, making up the Family Favorite Awards.

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Senior Spotlight: Matt and Finding Your Direction

Posted by PA Distance Learning on 6/5/18 12:22 PM
Meet Matt. He graduated with the class of 2018 and he's heading in the direction that he’s chosen. He’s brilliant, hard working, and he’s going to be a doctor. He’s pretty remarkable.
But there was a time that Matt didn’t seem so remarkable to his teachers and  classmates. He was the kid disrupting class, unable to focus, and barely scraping C’s. He and his mom were constantly butting heads about school and homework.  Matt  felt like he had no direction
But everything has changed since then.
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PA Distance Learning Teacher Awarded Grant

Posted by PA Distance Learning on 5/29/18 3:22 PM

Brittany Sturm is a cyber school chemistry teacher with PA Distance Learning who brings hands-on learning and real-life skills to her classroom day after day.

It's no surprise then that she was one of the teachers chosen to receive the High School Equipment Grant by the Spectroscopy Society of Pittsburgh this year. 

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Cyber School Classes: 9 Unique Electives for 2018

Posted by PA Distance Learning on 5/4/18 10:21 AM

At PA Distance Learning, a cyber school in PA, we’re striving to help our high school students adapt to our ever-changing world, and one of those ways is by offering a wide selection of elective classes.

One student compared taking electives to trying new foods: you may try it and decide you want some more, or you may not like it!  Electives have helped many of our students decide on their future careers.

Here’s a peak at some of the amazing classes we offer our high school students, as voted in by the students themselves:

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4 Ingredients for Success in an Online School

Posted by PA Distance Learning on 4/30/18 7:12 AM

Everyone’s reasons for choosing cyber school are different, but across the diverse cyber school spectrum, parents are sharing some key ingredients for success in an online school.

Here are 4 ingredients parents and students are sharing in their recipe for success!

Ingredient #1: Build a Routine

Routines for children make a huge difference in all parts of life - cyber school is no different!

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PA Distance Learning Hosts Holocaust Survivor

Posted by PA Distance Learning on 4/27/18 10:47 AM

What would it be like if we could talk to the very people we study in our history class?

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How Do School Counselors Help Students in Cyber School?

Posted by PA Distance Learning on 4/25/18 11:43 AM
by Morgan Jasin, School Counselor

How do school counselors help students in a cyber school? That's a question I often get from friends and family, and with all the misconceptions about cyber school students, it needs answered. 

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