PA Distance Does the Back-to-School Shopping for You

Posted by PA Distance Learning on 7/5/21 9:40 AM

When a child is enrolled at PA Distance they receive shipments with all of the necessary materials required for the entire school year including general equipment, school supplies, and class-specific items like novels, music equipment, art supplies, and laboratory gear.  Although many of these class-specific items are not shipped out to each student until their schedules are finalized, students receive a Technology Kit and a Welcome Kit before the very first day of school.

Each Welcome Kit, packed within a bright red cardboard box, contains a variety of school supplies that students find helpful for their core and elective classes.

Some of the items our students will find in their Welcome Kit includes:

- Packing List (an itemized list of the items below)
- Phone Navigation List (to reach the department needed when calling our office)

- Multiple Folders
- Spiral Notebooks
- Pens
- Wooden Pencils
- Set of Washable Wide-Tip Colored Markers
- Pack of Graph Paper
- Pack of White Multipurpose Printer/Copier Paper
- Plastic Ruler
- Sticky Notes
- Pack of Pencil-Topper Erasers
- Pencil Sharpener
- Pack of Crayons
- Glue Stick
- Highlighters
- Pack of Index Cards

Newly enrolled students also receive a large box containing their Technology Kit. Within this box, they will find:

- Chromebook Laptop Computer and Charger
- Additional Monitor and Power Cord
- HDMI Cable
- Wired Mouse
- Wired Headphones with a Built-In Microphone
- Printer/Scanner/Copier with Ink Supply (shipped separately)

NEW: Students in kindergarten, first and second grade will be receiving a new Chromebook Duet. The Duet is equipped with a touch screen and detachable keyboard so it has the capability of turning into a tablet. It also contains a USB-C hub to connect their additional display monitor.

Some students will also receive a Math Kit, Science Kit, and Art Kit with necessary supplies depending on their grade and class schedule each semester. Students will also receive materials for the elective courses that they choose to take as well. These materials will arrive once their class schedules have been finalized. 

Questions about anything listed above? Call us at (888) 997-3352 option 1.


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