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Posted by PA Distance Learning on 1/9/20 8:00 AM

Many individuals harbor misunderstandings about charter schools in general and cyber charter schools in particular. They assume that children are set in front of a computer with no engagement, oversight, or guidance. Nothing could be further from the truth for students of PA Distance Learning Charter School. Students engage with their fellow classmates and the teachers for a dynamic learning environment. Students are regularly sent resources, such as paintbrushes, novels, and keyboards to enhance learning activities. PA Distance Learning Charter School provides students with a rich educational experience.

We were recently visited by Tim O’Neal who serves Pennsylvania’s 48th district in the state senate. Representative O’Neal showed openness to learn and understand how cyber charter schools function. During his visit, Representative O’Neal watched a Kindergarten class in session.

"There are many misconceptions about cyber schools in Pennsylvania," he said. "Until you come and see how schools like PA Distance put so much effort into providing a quality education you will never fully understand the benefits this option provides to students. I encourage other legislators to take the time to come and visit to see for themselves before forming an opinion."

He noted that his visit dispelled many misconceptions he held and gave him a deep appreciation for the work our school does to educate students of Pennsylvania.

We hope that others follow his lead and take the time to learn about charter schools, especially cyber charter schools, before voting on legislation that will impact the students that attend and benefit from them. If any other members of Pennsylvania's legislature would like to visit, contact us today!

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