PA Distance Helps 6th-grader, Maggie P., Work Towards her Dreams of Being an Entrepreneur and a Creative Writer

Family Learning Expense Fund & Internet Reimbursement Available to Enrolled Families

The Heaton-Little Family Values the Power of School Choice

Mrs. Jamie Isiminger and her daughter, Jacey, Appreciate the Open Communication & Collaboration

10 Things to Consider When Searching for a Cyber School

The Heck Family Finds Comfort & Support within the PA Distance Family

PA Distance Esports Team is Making Progress in Ongoing Matches

Guest Post: PA Distance Parent, Dr. Vereen, Talks School Choice & Daughter’s Cyber Experience

The Newly Enrolled Huggler-Rachiele Family Finds Individualization, Safety & Flexibility

2021 Open House Focused on Building Community Connections

Regional Community Engagement Coach, Miss Amy Dunn, Connects with Families Across Pennsylvania

High School Science Teacher, Mrs. Kelly Collins, Brings Years of Field Experience to the Classroom

PA Distance Parent, Teresa Allshouse, Defends her Children’s Rights to School Choice

3rd Grade English Language Arts Teacher, Mrs. Jessica Chavers, Teaches her Students to Analyze what they Read

Research & Development Coordinator, Mrs. Katherine Heiles, Discovers New Initiatives to Benefit Students & Staff

Captivating & Personalized Material Changes for the 2021-2022 School Year

Students Enjoy Being Creative in Adventure Academy Art Camp

5th-Grade Teacher, Chelsea Hartford, Conveys Her Love for Science & Social Studies

5 Reasons Why Our Students are Successful

Students Issued a Variety of Technology & Educational Equipment

5 Reasons to Choose a Cyber School

Student Life & Expectations in an Online Elementary School

What does Synchronous vs. Asynchronous Learning Mean?

Family Resources for the 2021-2022 School Year

2021-2022 Course Catalogs Now Available

Enrollment Open for the 2021-2022 School Year

PA Distance Does the Back-to-School Shopping for You

Chief Academic Officer, Ms. Kelly Crooks, will Oversee the PA Distance Curriculum

11th-grader, Isabella Rios, Awarded PA Distance Financial Literacy Scholarship

Recent Graduate, Valeria Balbuena, Dreams of Becoming a Psychiatrist

Class of 2021 Graduate, Amanda Hough, Aspires to Become a Veterinarian Technician

Recent Graduate, Dakota Burik, Received the PA Distance Foundation Award

Class of 2021 Graduate, Maggie Friedman, Honored as Salutatorian

What is the PA Distance Odyssey Fellowship Program?

Senior, Kylie Roupe, Hopes to Join the Medical Field

Graduating Senior, Faith Snelson, Plans to Become a Lawyer One Day

Speech Therapist, Mrs. Jamie Bate, Helps Students Achieve Communication Goals

PA Distance Offering 12 FREE Virtual Summer Camps

7th-grader, Kennedy Dawson, Learns a New Language, Creates Art and Codes Websites

Special Education Coordinator, Ms. Stephanie Faith, Ensures Students Have the Support Needed

11th-grader, Zoey Scott, Dreams of Pursuing Professional Soccer Post Graduation

PA Distance to Form Inaugural Esports Team

High School Art Teacher, Mr. Evan Rumble, Works to Expand the Art Program

Students Learning to Code & Create Websites in Computer Science Courses

11th-grader, Timothy Monroe, Plans to Graduate Early and Pursue a Career in Real Estate

Keeping Students/Staff Safe During Testing Season

Introducing the PA Distance Community Connectors

3rd-grader and Accomplished Gymnast, Kelsey Henderson, Benefits from an Online Education

Tips for Setting Up Productive Workspaces

High School Mathematics teacher, Mr. Andrew Mayle, Transfers his Love for Math to his Students

10th-grader, Abigail Baker, Enjoys Flexibility and Open Communication

Expectations of a PA Distance Parent/Guardian

High School English Teacher, Ms. Maggie Kelly, Appreciates the Community of Students & Staff

8th-Grader, Kasir Sabree-Scott, Has a Variety of Goals Post-Graduation

11th-grader, Kai McCutcheon, Aspires to Become a Welder After Graduation

Graduation Recovery Teacher, Ms. Veronica Steigerwald, Helps Students Walk Across the Graduation Stage

5th-grade Math Teacher, Mrs. Deanna Scotto, Helps Her Students Apply What They Learn in Everyday Life

11th-grader, Lakyn Miller, Enriches her Education by Learning Spanish

A Tribute to Black History Month: Influential & Innovative Contributions

Special Education Teacher, Mrs. Melissa Glancy, Builds Her Student’s Confidence and Encourages Growth

Senior, Adam Patelunas, on Track to Close Out His Life-Long Career at PA Distance

Graduating Senior, McKenzie Jones, Looks Forward to her Future at Millersville University

11th-Grader, Molly Carroll, Keeps Busy with Extracurricular and Volunteer Activities

1st-Grade Language Arts and Social Studies teacher, Miss Alicia Murray, Keeps her Students Engaged Virtually

Getting to Know the PA Distance Social Studies Department

4-8th Grade Music Teacher, Ms. Jessica Sapp, Makes Musical Connections with Her Students

High School Counselor, Mrs. Kara Buncic, Helps her Students Hone their Career, Academic and Social-Emotional Development

The Yearbook Club Commemorates Each School Year with a Beautiful Keepsake

Senior, Fawnia Brown, Plans to Grow her Business Post-Graduation

2nd-grade ELA & Social Studies Teacher, Mrs. Crystal Naugle, Teaches Students How to Read, Write and Understand the World

Special Education Teacher, Mrs. Erin Rogers, Helps Her Students Prepare for Life After Graduation

High School English teacher, Mr. Matthew Dayka, Enjoys Reading & Writing Just a Much as He Loves Teaching It

What Happens During the Lunch Hour at PA Distance?

Chief Operations Officer, Mr. Nick Kocuba, Believes in Our Mission and Our Students

Graduation Recovery and ESL Teacher, Mrs. Nicole Al-Amoudi Supports a Variety of Students

8th-grade History Teacher, Mrs. Lydia Jones, Loves History and Teaching It to Her Students

7th-grade Science Teacher, Mrs. Sarah Simmons, Engages Students using Hands-on Labs

Fun-Loving Elementary School Counselor, Mr. Brandon Payne, Works Hard to Make his Students Smile

Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) for PA Distance K-8 Students

English Language Arts Teacher, Mrs. Christine Trudeau, Will Teach and Follow Alongside Her Students as They Grow

9th-grader, Amarylis M., Learns Spanish to Connect with her Puerto Rican Heritage

Introduction to Zearn Math & How it Helps PA Distance Elementary Students

High School Music Teacher, Mr. William Hart, Offers Students a Variety of Classes

Community Engagement Coach/Social Worker, Ms. Kathy Timmerman Supports Families When they Need it Most

One-on-One with PA Distance’s Leader of the Board of Trustees, Mr. John Marous

3-6 Grade Math Interventionist, Mrs. Emily Bartko, Helps Students Understand New Concepts

High School Social Studies Teacher, Ms. Carol Smialek, Shows Students How the Past Can Teach Us About the Future

6th-grade Math Teacher, Miss Julia Mittelmeier, Uses Educational Technology to Grow her Student’s Understanding

Introducing the PA Distance Community Engagement Team

Health & Wellness Teacher, Mr. Tony Reda, Looks Forward to Teaching a New Set of Students to be Healthy & Active

Business Technology Teacher, Ms. Susannah Azzaro, Will Teach Middle School Students Computer Science & Web Design

Technology Coach/Financial Literacy Teacher, Mrs. Victoria DeRoner, has 13 Years of Virtual Teaching Experience

PA Distance Third-Grader, Payton Duncan, Values the Experiences Cyber School Affords Her

The Enrollment Team, Ms. Brandee Kantrowitz and Mrs. Sarah Keeler Empower Parents and their School Choice

High School Math Teacher, Mrs. Lindsey Fanning, Builds a System of Support for her Students

Class of 2020 Graduate, Taylor Smith, Heads to the University of South Alabama

Combining Astronomy & Space with Virtual Art Camp

Class of 2020 Salutatorian, Kirstin DeGraeve, Aspires to Start a Psychology Practice

Class of 2020 Valedictorian, William Barnhart, Continues Running his Own Business

Class of 2020 Making History with First-Ever Virtual Graduation Ceremony

PA Distance Will Begin the 2020-2021 School Year in a New Building

After Growing Up with PA Distance, Graduating Senior, Josh Shaw, Plans for His Future

Kindergarteners “Follow the Yellow Brick Road” to their Virtual Graduation Celebration

Health & Wellness Teacher, Mr. Kevin Hughes, Encourages Exercise for the Body & Mind

Students Have Fun & Learn Something New with Free Virtual Summer Camps

PA Distance Odyssey Fellows Publish an Educational Children’s Book

High School Science Teacher, Ms. Samantha Sellinger, Welcomes & Supports Students

Ed Camp: Creating a Culture of Sharing and Continuous Professional Development for Staff

Business/Technology Teacher, Mr. Matthew Gates, Helps Students Learn Computer Science

Life at PA Distance: Myths vs. Facts

Curriculum & Instruction Coordinator, Mrs. Tonya Contos, Helps to Maintain & Improve a Quality Educational Experience

PA Distance Introduces a New Computer Science Curriculum

Elementary School Principal, Mrs. Ploesch, Builds Strong Relationships with Students & Staff

Student Spotlight: Senior Eliandra E.

Adapting to Life Under State Shutdowns: 9th-grader Kyla Zimmerman

Teacher Spotlight: Career Education & Work Special Education Teacher Ms. Budd

Teacher Spotlight: Health & Wellness Teacher Mrs. Stephanie Sabol

Women’s History Month: 4 Women Who Changed the World

How Do Health & Wellness Classes Work at PA Distance?

Teacher Spotlight: Math Teacher, After School Program & Field Trip Coordinator Mrs. Darcy Bible

Cyber Charter Schools are a Responsible Investment

Staff Spotlight: School Counselor Mrs. Katie Mihoerck

National School Counseling Week 2020

Special Education Services at PA Distance

A Personalized Education

Teacher Spotlight: Science Teacher Mrs. Coleen Brennen

PA Distance School Store

Why School Choice Matters: Meet Jamie

Teacher Spotlight: Social Studies Teacher Ms. Marisa Petraglia

Strong Student-Teacher Relationships Help Students Flourish

Get Involved in National School Choice Week 2020

Teacher Spotlight: English Teacher Mrs. Lauren Donofrio

Move Beyond Misconceptions

Teacher Spotlight: French & Spanish Teacher Ms. Angela Berger

5 Things You Didn’t Know Existed at PA Distance

Mrs. Elisa Carpenter Teaches Music Virtually to Elementary Students

Who Benefits from School Choice? Meet Teagan & Brennan

A Holiday Message to PA Distance Teachers from their Students

Competition Makes Us Stronger

Teacher Spotlight: 8th Grade English Teacher Mr. Andrew Glaser

Standing with School Choice

Teacher Spotlight: Social Studies Teacher Mr. Peter Mysels

Class of 2021 Graduate, Josh McDiffitt, Dreams of Making his Own Films One Day

Now's the Time: Use Your Voice to Fight for School Choice in PA

Making the Grade: Scores Prove the Need for School Choice

What People are Saying about PA Distance

Materials Lead, Mr. Bill DeJoseph, Makes Sure Students Have the Supplies They Need

Excellent Educators: Our Teachers are Specialized, Credentialed, Trusted, and Engaged

Celebrating Future Teachers of America

National Scholarship Month

November Field Trip Theme: Healthy Growing & Giving Back

The Damaging Effects of Limiting School Choice

A Higher Standard

Holocaust Survivor Brings Her Story to the Classroom

PA Distance Learning To Host Holocaust Survivor: Irene Skolnick

3 Signs PA Distance Might be a Perfect Fit

PA Distance Learning Names Panda Mascot

3 Tips to Make the 2019-2020 School Year Your Child’s Best

Are There Any Online Kindergarten Schools in Pennsylvania?

When Should I Enroll my Son or Daughter in School?

Message from the CEO

PA Distance Voted As Top Charter School In Family Favorite Awards

PA Distance Learning Charter School Moving to Herbert Campus for 2020-2021 School Year

PA Distance Learning Teachers Motivate Students through Music Ahead of Testing Season

Mary Ann Calderone Wins 2019 Data Quality Network's Data Governance Award of Excellence

PA Distance Learning School Counselors Organize ‘Best Practices for Student Engagement Symposium’

PA Distance Learning's Literary Magazine Receives National Recognition

PA Distance Students Explore a Passion Through an Odyssey Fellowship

Preparing Students for Future Success in a K-12 Cyber School Setting

Ed Camp: Empathy Focus in Professional Development

Holocaust Survivor Speaks to PA Distance Students

PA Distance Learning Cyber School Students Pledge to Be Drug-Free

Teachers Present on Bringing a Writing Center to Cyber School

Top 5 Myths About Cyber School

STUDENT GUEST BLOG: 5 Surprises From My First Year in Cyber School

PA Distance Learning Administrators to Present at PA Community on Transition Conference

STUDENT GUEST BLOG: How Cyber School Exceeded My Expectations

STUDENT GUEST BLOG:  5 Things I Didn’t Expect About Cyber School

Student Spotlight: Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way

Student Spotlight: Cali the Conqueror

Class of 2018 Graduate, CeeCee Lane, Has Big Plans for Her Future

PA Distance Voted As Top Cyber School In Family Favorite Awards

Senior Spotlight: Matt and Finding Your Direction

PA Distance Learning Teacher Awarded Grant

Cyber School Classes: 9 Unique Electives for 2018

4 Ingredients for Success in an Online School

PA Distance Learning Hosts Holocaust Survivor

How Do School Counselors Help Students in Cyber School?

Elementary Music in Cyber School: The Tools of the Trade

Cyber School Literacy Communities: Connecting Writers Across Distances

Bringing Project-Based Learning to Life in the Cyber School Setting

Cyber School Student Uses Art for Breast Cancer Awareness

Adventures of Gaming in Cyber School

Top 5 Reasons to Read

Game Design Club at PA Distance Learning receives first place at National Ceremony

73 Graduate in the Class of '17

PA Distance Gaming Club Students Chosen for National Contest

Come Celebrate 20 Years of Pennsylvania Charter Schools!

Cyber School Graduation | Congratulations to Kindergarten Graduates!

Cyber School Teachers: Establishing Relevance in the Classroom

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