A Personalized Education

Posted by PA Distance Learning on 1/29/20 7:00 AM

Here at PA Distance, we understand that students learn in unique ways and, in some cases, require an individualized learning plan.

Our parents, teachers, and counselors collaborate to set up each student’s personal academic schedule. Teachers and counselors not only monitor each students’ progress, but they also engage and encourage them along the way. This means that students who are struggling can get the help they need and students who have a talent for a subject can be appropriately challenged.

While each teacher’s curriculum may be the same for all of our students, the learning experience can be personalized to each and every child. By using a unique blend of proven classroom teaching techniques with educational technologies, we promote academic growth for all students from a variety of backgrounds, learning styles, and individual needs.

PA Distance creates a learning environment that is as unique as each child and the journeys that molded them. When they enroll at PA Distance, we let them continue that journey with safety, care, and understanding.


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