3 Signs PA Distance Might be a Perfect Fit

Posted by David Pierce on 10/14/19 10:01 AM

One of the great things about school is you have a choice of which public school to enroll your child in. You can enroll your child in the school district in which you reside, a brick and mortar charter school, a cyber charter school, or a private school just to name a few. 

PA Distance Learning Charter School is just that - a cyber charter school. All children learn differently and can benefit from being in a school that is the right fit socially, academically and behaviorally. There are many benefits to choosing an online charter school, but it’s important to note it’s not for everyone. 

If your son or daughter can benefit from spending more time with the teacher, is currently being bullied or struggling socially, or is in need of a more flexible learning schedule due to a special circumstance than a cyber school just might be the perfect fit. 

A Blended Learning Experience Focused on Growth

We use a truly blended learning experience that promotes growth for all of our students, regardless of grade level. Our highly qualified teachers are based in Wexford and spend the majority of their days interacting with students through our virtual classrooms. The synchronous component of our curriculum allows students to raise their hands and ask questions and have them answered right away. It also allows for increased student to student engagement through our virtual classroom.

The day doesn’t stop when class is dismissed. The asynchronous portion of our learning philosophy allows students to complete work outside of the classroom, and more importantly, at their own pace. However, as questions arise throughout the day, students do have the ability to reach out their teacher and get real time assistance.

Our blended learning experience gives your student the opportunity to interact with peers and teachers on a daily basis while also completing coursework in the comfort of their own home.

PA Distance Learning Promotes a Safe Space for Learning

Bullying is a very real issue amongst students of all ages. Being bullied certainly hurts the opportunity for student growth, because a student is not comfortable, or is afraid to go to school each day. Going to school should be something a child looks forward to each day and they shouldn’t have to fear for their safety.

At PA Distance Learning the entire curriculum is taught via virtual classroom, which eliminates any potential for physical bullying. Also, our teachers promote a safe collaborative environment free of any bullying.

Flexibility for All

An online cyber charter school such as PA Distance Learning is a great fit for students who need flexibility when it comes to school. Each of our students receive a Chromebook and access to our live learning portal. Students typically attend live learning sessions throughout the day, but those sessions are recorded and available for a student to access at any time.

Our recorded sessions benefit students who are consistently traveling, dealing with a medical situation or any other situation that requires them to be able to do their work at their own pace.

Overall, a cyber charter school isn’t for everyone. However, it can be a great fit for many. If you’d like to learn more about our enrollment process visit our enrollment information page, or give us a call at 888-997-3352.

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